An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


March 2004

31: Racketeering In GotPork City
30: Paying For Government ‘On the Card’
29: Nope, Not Here
26: And Don’t Come Back Until You Bring Me The RIGHT Answer
25: Making The Rounds To Make Sure Everyone Is On Message
24: My Money’s On The Bull
23: Deeply, Deeply Troubled, But Not Enough To Condemn
22: The Last Anniversary Party
19: Cross My Palm With Silver
18: Happy St. Morningafter Day
16: Telling The Truth…The Modern Crime Of Incivility
15: Mushrooms
12: Always Room For More Pioneers
10: And It Felt So Good, I’ve Given It Up Ever Since
09: I Wonder Who BOUGHT All Those Body Parts?
08: FUGGEDDABOUDIT, I’m Going Back IN!
05: He Ran…
04: The Crime: Spying At The UN? Nope, Telling People We Did!
03: Voluntary Rendition
02: Oooooooo That’s A Sharpie!

February 2004

26: Don’t Pay Any Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain
25: How EWSE Can I Become Woowuh Of The Wowuld?
24: Ralph Of The Dead
23: Why SHOULDN’T I Rule On A Case Involving One Of My Best Friends?
20: A Heroine For Our Slimes
19: CREEP Is Alive And Well And Living In Crawford
18: I Look Just Like A Regular Guy, Don’t I?
17: A Strict Constructionist View Of Ethics: That Which Isn’t Specifically Forbidden Is Mandated
13: Ned Buntline Would Have His Hands Full With This Crew, Or: Ari Fleischer Made It Look So EASY!
12: Mad Cow At The Plate, Bird Flu On Deck
11: Excuse Me, But I Think I REALLY Would Like A Later Flight…
10: Would YOU Trust Your Votes To Your PC?
06: At Least Lying About A BJ Never Killed Anyone…
05: The LONE STRANGER Solipsizes Again!
04: I Had A Printing Press Too When I Was A Kid…
03: I Always Enjoyed Wardrobe Malfunctions On A Date…
02: Definitely A Problem With SOMEBODY’S Intelligence

January 2004

30: Never P**s In Your Own Tent
29: Wait’ll You See What I Do With My Prison Uniform
28: I’ve Got The Time If You’ve Got The Inclination…
27: Republicanomics–No Budget Problem Until A Democrat Is In Office
26: Where Could You Have Gone Wrong? Shall I Start From Listening To George Tenet?
23: When He Does Passion, Boy, He Does PASSION!
22: How DARE They Not Rubberstamp Everything I Want…Just Cuz He Was Soft On The Klan
21: Where’s OSAMA?
20: Early MLK Day
19: Where’s The Conflict?
16: So REALLY, I Only Stole 15 Million
15: Another Big Vision To Waste YOUR Money
14: They Can Just Marginalize You So No One Pays Attention To What You Said
13: But Don’t Forget About Republican Family Values
12: But If There Was Life There Once, There Might Be OIL!
09: Snow Job
08: Reagan National Freedom Monument
07: Forget Mad Cow, I’m Worried About Mad BULL
06: And Sharper Image Had A Banner Year…