An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


December 2003

20: Bah, Humbug!
19: Watch Out, Sacramento, It’s The Governator!
18: A Fair, Unpartial Trial…
17: Gay Marriage, Gayer Divorcees
16: The No-Gloat Zone? Perish The Thought!
13: If, If, If, So Much Wiggle Room In Those Two Little Letters…
12: Bush To World: Kiss My Petoot
11: Vy SHOULD I Pwobe Mysewf? Dat Sounds Pwetty Kinky!
10: I Didn’t Get Where I Am From Begging! I Worked Hard, Inheriting It From The Right Parents And Kissing The Right Ass!
09: These Boys Are Gonna Have A Lot Of Problems When They Ever Get Home
08: Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime? Oops, Sorry, Not THAT One!
06: Even McCain Thinks His Party Is Spending Like Drunken Sailors
05: Your Patriotic Duty To Get Ripped Off
04: Oh, And Disown Your Mom While You’re At It
01: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream, Crash, Thunk, Or Say Oh S***

November 2003

27: And HOW Many Journalists Have Been Killed And By Whom?
26: Bad Headache
25: In Bed With The Insurance Companies
24: Always Make Sure You Can Blame Campaign Dirt On Someone ELSE
22: The Bushes…Not So Different From The Windsors…One Ruling Family To Another
21: Michael, You’re Just Weird
20: Caesar Accepts The Homage Of The Britons
19: Go Ahead, George, Fire Me
18: I Look Good In Black, Don’t I?
17: Casting The First Stone
15: That’s 1-800-4GROPE…Operators Standing By Now!
14: Power Outage
13: Red, White And Nude!
11: Day Off
10: I Love A Parade!
08: The Private Lynch Story–As Told By The Spin Machine
07: Fred’n'Bert Sing A Limerick To Howard Dean
06: Missed Day
05: Shock And Awe! AAAAaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!
04: We’ll Fight To The Last Drop Of Your Blood
03: Man, I HATE When I Get Requests Just Before The Weekend…This Can Wait Till Monday

October 2003

31: Miss Afghanistan! Pre and Post Taliban
30: DUM DUM DADA DUM DUM DADA (Doo doo doooooooooo Doo doo doooooooooooo)
29: HooHAH! New Jersey NEEDS US!
28: Florida Gothic…At Home With Terry Schiavo’s Ma and Pa
27: I Don’t Care If They Didn’t Mean It, PERSONALLY! They Were Shooting At MY HOTEL!
25: White Heat Redux
24: Settlers? Or Occupying Forces?
23: He Ain’t Gun Do Nuthin’
22: Trick Or Treat For Iraq
21: Must’ve Been Quite Some Lawyer
20: And After This, We Go To Karaoke Bar!
18: Bringing The Crusades To The 21st Century
17: Babe And The Goat
16: And Employment’s So Bad In Baghdad, Even Saddam’s Ex-Doubles Need Work
15: Sorry, I Never Carry Anything This Small
14: Frog Marching Pat Robertson…Terrorist For GOD
12: 52nd Birthday-OFF
11: Oink Like A Piggy…
10: Trimming The Fat…No Garbage Collection
08: I Couwd Nawt Bothuh To Vote Ven I Vasn’t Wunning…
07: Don’t Check My Refrigerator…
06: Hallowed Company…
04: What Was He Going To Do? Bore Us To Death With Trashy Novels?
03: Dey Made Me Wub You–I Didn’t Wanna Do It! I Didn’t Wanna Do It!
02: Black Russian Humor
01: Laura’s Wet Surprise