An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


September 2003

30: He’s No Edgar Bergen, And HE’S Sure No Charlie McCarthy
29: And It’s Rising…
27: If It’s Covered By The Rules Of Engagement, You’re Clear
25: Nothing At All Worth Staying And Listening To, If You Don’t Want To Throw A Tantrum On The General Assembly Floor
24: Have To Keep Running Just To Stay In The Same Place
23: Back, BACK! Lest You Befoul American Innocence With Your Liberal Relativism!
22: Holding His Breath Till He Turns Blue
20: My Precccccccccccccioussssssssssssss
18: We Can’t Help It If You Drew The Wrong Conclusion (Which We Wanted You To Draw In The First Place)
17: Glad It Never Became A Freedom Kiss
16: We’ll Be Satisfied With Keeping Him In A Virtual Prison
15: I’m Vacationing In Buchenwald This Year
13: I Wish I’D Thought Of Calling It Misspeaking When I Was A Kid
12: And HE SHALL R’mind US ForEVer And Eh-Heh-HEVER!
11: Fair AND Balanced, One On Each Side
10: But Don’t You Step On My Blue Suede Royalties…
09: Ach! Refreshing! (But Dolf was a teetotaler!)
08: And More And More And More…
06: Old Europe, New Europe, What A Class Act!
05: Ummmm, Weren’t We Brave Just A Few Years Ago?
04: SHOCKING! And Yet, SO HOT!
03: Dumdum-dumdum-dumdum-dumdum…
02: Lousy English, But We Get The Drift…
01: The Five Finger Salute, That Is

August 2003

30: Don’t He Look So Resolute And Heroic?
29: Little Miss Muffet’s Tuffet…
28: Bat Boy Will Show Up In Baghdad Any Day Now
27: We Didn’t SAY England, We Were Only Guilty Of Non-Specificity
26: Family Resemblance?
25: Hotels For Freedom…With Cable
23: Mission errrrrrrr ALMOST Accomplished
22: Well, It Only Makes Sense, No Forests, No Forest Fires, What’s So Hard About That?
21: THY Will Be Done? Where’d That THY Come From?
20: This Administration Has So Many Turning Points, It’s Making Me Dizzy
19: We Did Not Sex Up The Dossier…Everybody Kept Their Clothes On
18: Freddie Meats Jason….Ooops, That’s MEETS!
17: Power Grid Needs Overhaul? Naaaaaawwwwwww, Ya Think?
16: Isn’t It Amazing That The Investigation of the Anthrax Letters Targeting Liberal Journalists And Senators Never Got Any Answers
15: REAL Progress…OIL…
14: Kudos To The Pie Brigade!
13: As If The Words Had Anything To Do With Their News Coverage
12: And 35000 People Fell Asleep In The Voting Booths While Reading The Ballot
11: Geeeeeee, Another False Alarm…
10: And They Make Great Peashooters If You Have A Big Enough Mouth…And A Big Enough Pea
09: The Bushes…Just A Typical American Family
08: You Don’t Mean You Actually Thought YOU’D Be The Republican Candidate For Governor, Did You?
07: Ricky Sanchez, Prophet Of The Obvious
06: Oh, The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Children…In The Morning, In The Evening, Ain’t We Got Fun?
05: Considered… And Appropriate
04: At Least They Pronounced It Nigh-Jer!
03: And He Looks SO GOOD In All Of Them!
02: Winning The War On Terrorism: Making Sure Our Enemy Is Strong Enough
01: Ramzi Was First By Half A Length, Paying 6, 2 and Even

July 2003

31: Imminent Is As Imminent Does.
30: My Head Hurts When I Have To Think

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